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About Me

My name is Nathan, and I want to make the web more useful.

With a strong creative background and training in client services from one of the best training programs in the world (read: Apple), I thrive when ideating and then implementing great design into creative projects. 

My portfolio doesn’t simply demonstrate my creativity in design and user experience, but also how I think, as well as the process I use to start and finish projects with maximum impact. 

It isn’t good enough anymore to simply be a great designer. Working alongside clients who are under pressure to get things done requires a collaborative and patient professional, who can also speak the language of coding and software. This is me. Nathan Garfield.  Welcome to my world. 

"Nathan is a user experience designer with passion, dedication, and enthusiasm! He's a very fast learner and has been able to take suggestions and turn them into actionable design thinking. So excited to see where his career takes him!"   - Ashley Scrivener, UX Designer, Blenderbox Inc

I find UX design to have a noble purpose. People use the web so frequently for so many different uses, it's extremely important for them to be able to find information easily and quickly. Even if a better design means that people save 15 minutes out of their year, I find that to be a success. UX designers are forging ahead building a better, more effective experience for technology-users and saving them precious time and effort. When people get more out of their technology, they get more out of themselves.

I'm dedicated to this purpose, to make the world more useful and effective for everyone, one experience at a time.

If you like what you see, feel free to contact me or check out my Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.

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